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Fantastic 3- Keda Z., Johnson Wee, and Nik Pekridis

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(Seats will be limited!)

Join us with our special guest speakers;

Global award winning photographers: Keda Z., Johnson Wee, and Nik Pekridis famously known as "The Fantastic 3". They will speak, present, and demonstrate how they capture the images that they do in a 3 day seminar/workshop about photography, editing, and world class image creation.

Participants will embark on a journey beyond shutter speeds and white balances into the heart of photography – making images that speak, images that tell stories, images that inform the mind and move the heart.

Gain insight into the mindset of award winning photography masters. β€œThe Fantastic 3” are highly regarded as some of the most experienced and respected international image makers in the photography world.